RVT Registration Renewal

Continuing Education Requirements for RVTs

The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board (OVMLB) requires that in order to practice as a registered veterinary technician in Ohio, one must register/renew their license biennially by the first day of March in odd-numbered years.
Ten hours of continuing education are required to renew a registration.  Of the required ten hours, at least six must be scientifically related.  While no more than four hours may be non-scientific. If this is the certificate holder’s first renewal period, they are exempt from submitting continuing education.
The CE taken through the end of February in a renewal year can be used for the next renewal cycle as long as it hasn’t been used for the current renewal.
In the state of Ohio, individuals are prohibited from practicing as veterinary technicians on expired registrations.

To Renew Registration Visit the OVMLB